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The history of the Ciancio Jewellery started almost 50 years ago, in 1967 with the progenitor of this experienced craftsmen family, Salvatore Ciancio. Over the years the new family generation has joined the Company. Since then Mariella and Gianni, Salvatore’s children, have developed the family business activity which today is divided into 2 sectors:
  • the handcrafted jewellery production;
  • the retail commercialization of jewels in the family sales point, the Ciancio Jewellery.

The company is managed by Mariella and Gianni Ciancio. Mariella, graphic designer, is the managing director of the Company while Gianni, master jeweller, is at the head of the production. Gianni, before joining the company, had gained a wide professional experiences as gold master in Italy (in Valenza area) and in Australia, and he created unique jewels and collections even for various Premium international brands.

Today the Company’s Mission is to create high quality jewelry for demanding clients who pay great attention to the artisan craftsmanship and to the product exclusivity.

For this reason the production process is entirely handmade and it is realized by a team of master jewelers, according to the ancient Italian goldsmith tradition.

The Ciancio products are strongly distinguished by the presence of diamonds and precious stones carefully selected and each jewel is accompanied by international warranty certificates issued by the most prestigious agencies.

After acquiring an important range of Italian and foreigner private customers, the company vision is committed to expand its international target market through establishing new partnership with qualified jewellers.


Ciancio Jewellery is positioned on the medium-high segment of the market.
Over time Ciancio Jewellery has consolidated its position on the Italian market, even though it can boast an increasing number of foreigners among its direct customers.

Being located in a popular tourist destination area, there are many international clients who ask the Ciancio family to create their personalized jewels directly on site.
The medium to long term business strategy of Ciancio calls for expanding into foreign markets by establishing new partnership with qualified jewelleries.

Ciancio value proposition is to produce new dedicated lines of jewels for its international
partners, under their own brand.

Providing them with classic to modern style range, Ciancio is committed to become their own producer of fine, handcrafted, exclusive collections of jewels. Ciancio offers a direct supply and a full service package.